Another Perfect Storm

By Richard E Walrath

It looks like another Perfect Storm to me.

I’m talking about the NH Primary results which left egg all over the pollsters and the political pundits and the media. 

Ever since the book and the movie, by the same name, came out, things that go wrong are called a perfect storm.

For opera lovers, it was the Una Furtiva Lagrima that escaped from Hillary Clinton as she bravely faced the cameras and voters on the fateful final day before the election.  That’s what swayed the election, say they.

Not so, says Andrew Kohut, President Pew Research Center, who brings you the Pew Polls.  It was the po’ white folks, the poor women voters, to be exact, who turned out in record numbers to vote for Senator Clinton. 

Kohut, in his NYT Op-Ed piece today, probably has summed up the results best. 

Pollsters, pundits and the media saw what they wanted to see, not what was really there.

Now they will have to face the possibility that their dwindling number of readers and viewers will continue to dwindle and diminish.  But I would suggest that being wrong isn’t something that the pollsters, the political pundits and the media should find so hard to explain. 

After all, they’ve had lots of practice.

It reminds me of one of Clint Eastwood’s movies, Pink Cadillac.  Somebody named Roy is supposed to be acting as a look-out, but a gang goes right around him unnoticed by Roy.  How could they get by Roy, says one character in the  movie. People have been getting by Roy for years is Eastwood’s answer.

Lots of stuff–people and things–have been getting by the pollsters, political pundits and the media for years–seven going on eight years, at least.

Richard E Walrath is a former budget analyst and co-owner of the Articles and Answers News and Information sites:  Articles and Answers  Articles and Answers 2007 and the Alternative Augumenta blog.


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