Disposable Razors

I about died the last time I went through the aisle at the grocery store and saw the new Gillette, battery operated, five-blade disposable razor selling for the not-so-low price of nearly $40! 
That’s right–$40!  No, not $4, $40! 
It’s true, there was another razor, I think, in the pack, but I have to tell you, I don’t spend $40 in a year to shave.

You see, I have a Rolls Razor which you probably have never heard of.  It’s made, or was, made in England. It looks like a single-edge razor when you get it together, but it comes in a steel case with a built-in razor strop so you can sharpen it each time you use it. 

How sharp?  Just as sharp as you want it.  How close does it shave?  Just be careful you don’t cut yourself.

How long does it last?  That’s the very best part about it.  It lasts forever!

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