Some Simple Emergency Survival Tips

By Richard E Walrath

Survival techniques for emergencies. 

A candle burning in your car if you get stranded will give off enough heat to keep you from freezing to death.  Open the window a little now and then to get some air. 

Keep a bag of newspapers and some matches in your trunk so you can build a fire – this may help somebody find you and will keep you alive until you’re rescued.

A pair, or two, of extra socks tucked inside your car will help keep you warm if you get stranded, and you will have a pair handy if your feet get wet and/or cold.

To survive, you have to make your situation better, not perfect, just better.  That makes you feel better.  Then you find or think of something else you can do to improve your situation.  It helps if you know a few things to start with.

Countries in Europe use hot water to heat their homes.  The water is centrally heated and piped into houses and buildings.  With 400 million people, Europe uses about half the energy the United does with only 300 million people.

Water running into a bathtub provides heat, and once the bathtub gets hot, the heat stays there.  If you’re cold and you start to feel warmer, you feel better right away.

A few techniques for keeping your home heating costs down:

Block drafts – if you cannot afford weather stripping, roll up a towel, blanket or throw rug and place in front of the door.

Dress in layers – the more layers you wear, the warmer you’ll be.  Five layers is about as many as you can wear and still move around.  Outer garment should be some kind of wind breaker, not a sweater.  If you’re going to be outdoors, a sweater won’t keep the wind, snow or rain out.  If you’re indoors, it doesn’t matter so much. But if there is no heat in your house, you’ll feel warmer with an outer garment.  Wear the sweater inside.

Invest in electric blankets – if you have little or no heat, you can still stay warm at night if you have electric blankets.

Open your drapes or blinds to let the sun in during the day. 

Close your unused rooms and shut the heater vent.


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