Falling, Rising, Up, Down…


By Patricia L Johnson

The DJIA closed at 12,266.39 today for a loss of 315.79 points.  Instead of asking why the Dow dropped, the question that should be asked is why did the market increase this week at all with such bleak economic reports?

Wake up out there – February is the fourth straight month that the Dow has closed lower.

Month DJIA Closing
2008 – FEB 12,266.39
2008 – JAN 12,650.36
2007 – DEC 13,264.82
2007 – NOV 13,371.72

If this administration thinks a $168 billion dollar stimulus package is going to help this economy, they’d better go back to the drawing board.  This country is in deep doo doo.

The U.S. National Debt on January 20, 1993 when Bill Clinton took office was 4,188,092,107,183.60 the national debt on February 26, 2008 was 9,326,682,518,402.00 the difference is $5,138,590,041,000 or an increase of 5.1 trillion.  Source:  U.S. Treasury

This administration has added 5.1 TRILLION dollars to the national debt over the past 85 months and we have nothing to show for it, yet they think a $168 stimulus package is going to keep the country from going down the tubes?

Instead of printing everything in both English and Spanish, we’d better forget about those two languages and start printing everything in Chinese.

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