Soya today, healthy tomorrow

Health foods

By Richard E Walrath

Nothing good in the world of news.  Prices going up on food, oil, and gold.  There is a food shortage coming unless something is
done right away.  Half of the world needs to go on a diet and that would make more food for the other half that is starving.  If
my numbers are a little off, maybe there are 20% that are just right, making the split 40% and 40%.

Global warming is causing the insect population to explode.  Other than frogs and woodpeckers, insects have few natural
enemies.  They need an unnatural enemy like man to decrease the bug population.

Start with those things in your four food groups and work your way to chocolate-covered ants.

That’s a dessert, of course.  But someone will come up with soya-covered insects and then you have a health food.

I’m excited about the possibilities.


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