What Message are We Sending?

By Patricia L Johnson

I turned on the news today to find out that Ashley Alexandra Dupre’ has now had over a million downloads on her MySpace page by people downloading her music, she’s been offered a nice cool million by Larry Flindt, she’s been offered jobs in the various girly magazines for big bucks and a few book deals.

Prostitution is illegal – it is illegal to sell your body for sex, yet this young woman does it, makes enough to keep up a $3,000.00 a month apartment and is now being offered the kind of money that it takes most people a lifetime to earn?

More than likely she will be charged with nothing, in exchange for providing the sex snoops, a.k.a. the U.S. Department of Justice with her testimony regarding all the dirty little secrets of her tryst with former Governor Elliott Spitzer.

What message are we sending to the young girls growing up in this country?

Here’s the message we’re sending – don’t stay in school – instead get yourself a boob job and bone up on the latest in erotica and if you’re real lucky you can catch yourself a politician and spend the rest of your days sitting in your $3,000 a month apartment eating chocolate covered strawberries and counting your money.  Or wait a minute, you didn’t finish school so you probably can’t count that high – Not to worry – you can always hire an accountant.

We have 17-year olds fighting with their parents every day of the week trying to decide whether or not they should run away from home – well, now they don’t have to wonder any more – they can run away just like their new idol "Kristin".

A good man’s reputation is now in shred’s and a woman that sells her body for a living is put on a pedestal.

Only in America!

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