It Has to Stop


By Patricia L Johnson

Every morning it was the same routine, I would walk over to the bakery and Elaine and I would immediately begin filling up the bakery truck with pans filled with bakery goods.  Elaine was my best friend and her parents owned the bakery.  Our contribution to their business was to see that the donuts were delivered to our high school every morning in accordance with the contract the school had with the bakery.

When we finished unloading we would drive back to the bakery and her dad would have our donuts ready for us.  Ours were special, he would make sure we had the freshest chocolate donuts dipped, and redipped, in hot chocolate frosting.  There was no doubt we had the best job in the world and you couldn’t tell which was better.  The taste of the chocolate, or the smell of the bakery. 

Life was good for us and it seems our only real concern was how to avoid getting chocolate frosting on our clothes.

How times have changed for high school students.

Today’s kids go to school and never know whether or not they’re going to get home safe or if they’re going to be gunned down by the angry boy in their first class or knifed by the unhappy girl in their last class.

Today a student was shot at Central High School in Knoxville TN.  The student was shot right before morning classes began and later died at the University of Tennessee Medical Center.

The name of the victim, and the name of the suspect, that was picked up by police shortly after the shooting, have not been released but what has been released is the fact that this terrible shooting was not an accident. 

Is the life of a high school student worth less than the life of an embryo?  Anti-abortion activists will do everything in their power to save the life of an unwanted child, that will probably grow up abused by a parent that does not want a baby in their life, yet you never here anything louder than a whisper when it comes to teenagers dying at the hands of another teen.

How are we going to stop the madness?

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