Going, Going, Gone…

By Richard E Walrath

The Democrats have screwed up yet another election.  Along with the presidency, they could have won a bunch of seats in the House and picked up some in the Senate, too.  Obama is running well behind his party which is not a good sign, either. I haven’t heard anything from the Obama campaign since I told the last caller to get Hillary on the ticket, and I would think about voting for Obama.

Actually, Hillary at the top of the ticket would be better, but the Democrats screwed that up in the primaries in Florida and Michigan.  Those two states would have won for her.  When you eliminate the red states from consideration–the ones that Obama has no chance of winning such as Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Arkansas and probably Virginia–it’s hard to see how Obama can win.  

McCain is now either even or ahead of Obama in the polls.  He is sinking fast. How many times can you say, "the change is now, and we are the change?"  After a while, people begin to wonder just what you have to offer.  He needs Hillary on the ticket.

If she is not on it, I’m going to have a problem.  I won’t vote for McCain.  Maybe I’ll just skip that part of the ballot.


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