King for the Day


By Richard E Walrath

Thoughts for the Day…

Between the pillars of national health care and a tax-cut for the middle class,  President-elect Obama needs to sandwich in food stamps for the hungry, expanded and extended unemployment compensation, public works programs to create jobs, refinancing of mortgages for those who are about to lose their homes, and a bail-out of the auto industry to save jobs.

One mother facing bankruptcy put it this way–we have to have food and diapers.

We need to get more money into the economy from the bottom and let it rise to the top.  They’ve been pouring it in from the top forever and you see what the results are. When working men and women have money in their pockets, everybody has money in their pockets.  Take a good look at the word, worKING–when everybody can find work, we can all be kings.

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