The Secret to Saving Money


By Richard E Walrath

The basic concept to understand is that saving money, most of the time, means not spending it.  Of course, most people will agree, but then they just go out and spend

It’s hard to save money after you’ve spent it because it is gone.

Another simple thing is to recognize the difference between needs and wants.  Needs are comparatively few, wants are unlimited.  But realizing the difference can be far from simple.

To keep busy not spending money–known as saving–here is something that will keep anybody occupied for the rest of the winter.

Inventory everything you have in every room of your house, and take a picture of it.  Why?  You will find things that you have long since forgotten that you own.

Also, you can check in with your friends and neighbors and encourage them to do the same thing.  Then it’s swap time. 

Who knows how many things you get rid of this way?  I’m sure your friends and neighbors feel the same way.

Craig’s list is a cheap way of getting rid of stuff – stuff like old furniture.  Find a local site on the Internet where you can post a description of your stuff and include a picture, if you can, and a phone number.  You can move stuff real fast if you’re giving it away.  Or, if you think you can get a few bucks for it, try "best offer".

Remember, one man or woman’s trash is another’s treasure.

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