Tell Them What You Think


By Patricia L Johnson

258 voted yeah [22 Republicans and 236 Democrats] but the number did not meet the 2/3 requirement necessary to pass the bill to delay the transition from analog to digital broadcasting scheduled for February 17, 2009.  This vote took place under a special procedure requiring a 2/3 vote, instead of a simple majority.

They know for a fact the National Telecommunications and Information Administration has 3.2 million coupon requests on backlog and there’s no way consumers will receive the coupons before February 17, 2009, but they don’t care. 

Why should they?  More than likely they are already switched over to the digital broadcasting via satellite or cable.

The people that will be affected by this change will more than likely be the poor, the elderly and people living in rural communities.   They will wake up on February 17, 2009, turn on their TV and get nothing more than a black screen.

Write to your member of Congress and express your views on this issue. NTIA is indicating a backlog of 3.2 million coupons, while Nielsen Co. estimates there are more than 6.5 million US households  with analog televisions.

Whether the number is 3.2 million or 6.5 million, these people need your help.

Click on the following link to read the names of the 168  House members that voted against this bill, along with the six that did not vote. 

Is your Member of Congress listed?

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