“…The Worst [Jobs]Track Record on Record”

By Patricia L Johnson

President Obama has been inundated with criticism over jobs, or lack thereof, for the past several months by the Republican party.  Today is no exception.  The ink is barely dry on the report issued by the Whitehouse on the number of recovery funded jobs for the period of October 1 – December 31, 2009 and already the Republicans are questioning anything and everything about the report.  You would think they would be pleased that 599,108 jobs were reported as created/saved during this period of time, yet they don’t seem to be interested in good news, only news that sheds an unfavorable light on President Obama and the Democratic party.

Where were all these people during the 8 years President George W. Bush was in office?

The Wall Street Journal Staff prepared an article and chart back in January of 2009 comparing the number of jobs created while various presidents were in office.  The name of the article is “Bush On Jobs: The Worst Track Record On Record” and goes on to quote Sudeep Reddy as stating the the record of President George W. Bush had “the worst track record for job creation since the government began keeping records.”  

The  WSJ chart (see article)  indicates 3.0 million jobs were created under George W. Bush, 23.1 million jobs created under Bill Clinton and 2.5 million jobs created under George H.W. Bush.

During the past 20 years the Republicans have held the Whitehouse for 12 years, while the Democrats were in office for 8 years.  If you combine the 2.5 million jobs created under George H.W. Bush, with the 3.0 million jobs created under George W. Bush you get a total of 5.5 million jobs during 12 years – a far cry from the 23.1 million jobs created during the Democratic presidency. 

The number of jobs created during the past two Republican presidencies can only be described as pitiful.  The last thing in the world the Republicans should draw attention to is JOBS, based on their history.


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