Tidbits – Kasparov 1 – Deep Blue 0 – February 10

Opinion by Patricia L Johnson
Fifteen years ago today Gary Kasparov, world chess champion, lost game one of a six-game match to IBM’s Deep Blue computer. Kasparov went on to win the $400,000 prize with three wins and two ties.

A year later, May 13, 1997, there was a rematch between Gary and Deep Blue, with Deep Blue winning the $700,000 prize. Kasparov won the first game, Deep Blue the second, the next three games tied, and the last match game was won by the computer. In 2003 Kasparov played Deep Junior, with the match ending in a tie. Two years later he retired from the game.

Kasparov, the Soviet Union’s junior chess champion at age 13, was born in Baku Azerbaijan in 1963 and was the youngest world champ to ever beat Soviet player Anatoly Karpov (thought by many to be the greatest player ever).

What was so unusual about the 1996 game is the fact it was the first time a human and computer played a regulation, six game match “in which each player had two hours to make 40 moves, two hours to finish the next 20 moves and then another 60 minutes to wrap up the game.”

Source: History.com

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