What Do You Know About Google – Part II

Opinion by Patricia L Johnson

The other day I wrote a little something about Google’s search engine capabilities “What do You Know About Google” which you may read by clicking the following link https://articlesandanswers2011.wordpress.com/2011/02/18/what-do-you-know-about-google/ but today I would like to talk about some of the more unique features of Google.

If you read the article, you now know that Google is also a calculator. It’s also a dictionary, a source for weather information, a translator, and does any number of other things. My writing partner, Richard Walrath, and I recently wrote an article using a word some people may not be familiar with, so we’ll use that word as an example. When you get to the Google search box type in the word “define” followed by the word “desertification” [without quotes] and click ‘enter’ on your keyboard or click ‘search’. In either case, several definitions for the word desertification will appear on your monitor.

Come across something you can’t read because it’s in a foreign language? Let Google translate for you. Right next to the Google search box are the words “Language Tools”, simply click language tools and the rest is self-explanatory.

Want to know the weather? Type the word weather in the search box followed by your zip code. When you find out it’s going to be cloudy, cold and snowy, type in a zip code for southern California to see a little sunshine.

Want to try the new restaurant down the street but you can’t remember whether or not it’s open for lunch, type in the word restaurant followed by your zip code.

How about a movie after lunch? Type in the word movie followed by your zip code and you’ll get a listing of movies playing in your area. We have a large movie complex in our area, whereas the next town over has a much smaller complex, that is also considerably cheaper. If you don’t know the zip code of the nearest town, simply type in the word movie and the City, State and what’s playing in Danson Delaware, or Canson, California will immediately appear on your screen.

Don’t know how to get to the next town? Type in the word map followed by the City, State and you’re well on your way.

Whatever you want, Laundromats, hotels, shoe stores, clothing stores, beauty salons, pet stores, etc., just type in the word, the zip code, or the name of the City, State and Google will find it for you.

There are hundreds of other Google goodies, but we’ll save those for a different day.

© 2011 Patricia L Johnson

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