Governor Rick Perry’s 48 percent Jobs Claim only Half True

By Patricia L Johnson

It was during a cameo appearance June 14, 2011 on the Glenn Beck show that Governor Rick Perry claimedSince June 2009, about 48 percent of all the jobs created in America were in Texas”. According to the 2009 Pulitzer Prize winning site PoliticFact, a service of the St. Petersburg Times, Perry’s statement is only ½ true, while the following statement by Rep. Lloyd Doggett (TX) “Twenty-five states have lower unemployment than Texas” which is “tied with Mississippi for more minimum-wage jobs than anywhere in the United States” is completely true. [stated in an ABC TV interview Tuesday, August 11, 2011]
A low state tax rate and limits on lawsuits certainly helped bring companies to Texas. Companies favor low taxes because it increases their bottom line. They also favor limits on lawsuits because that decreases their expenses by reducing what they pay for insurance premiums for lawsuit protection, which once again, increases their bottom line.
What this country does not need however is an abundance of minimum wage jobs that keep employees at, or below, the poverty level.
Since Perry was supposedly basing his statement on a report from the Dallas Federal Reserve, PoliticFact interviewed Pia Orrenius, a senior economist at the Dallas Fed and Pia advised the Texas economy has been roaring since 1990 “Long before Rick Perry” and she listed the following as favorable factors for the excellent economy in this state “the state’s range of natural resources, its energy and high-tech sectors, its booming Gulf ports and its surging trade with Mexico and China”.
Governor Perry has also bragged about balancing the Texas budget “we worked hard, we made tough decisions, we balanced our budget. “Not by raising taxes but by setting priorities and cutting government spending.”
As a former resident of Lone Star State I feel comfortable stating the obvious – the tales the politicians tell can be as big as the state itself and Governor Perry is certainly no exception. The Texas budget was balanced simply because there is a law on the Texas books stating the budget has to be balanced. The cuts that Perry made to balance the budget are certainly worth mentioning however – there were deep cuts to health care, education and prisons, with deferred payments as an added bonus.
All the Governor basically did was cut programs people need and push part of the budget shortfall into next year, but then what else could we possibly expect from another Texas Governor running for the office of President of the United States?
© 2011 Patricia L Johnson
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