The 2012 Republican Nominees

By Richard E Walrath

The tribe now running, or may run for the Republican nomination, has missed out on making use of their names.

None of them seem to go together.

For example, there is a Cain, but no Abel.

There are two Ricks, but no Shaw

There is a Michele, but no Ma Bell.

There’s not even a single Jack or Jill or even John.

The closest thing to it is our man Ron.

Pawlenty is gone because there wasn’t Enough

We might have a Sarah, but for sure she’s no Farrah

We do have a Mitt, but he may need a retrofit.

We do have a Jon – could it be that he’s spot-on?

There is a Donald, but no Duck.

There could have been a Huck, but no such luck.

We do have a Newt, but no one seems to give a hoot.

So that only leaves Thaddeus – will he really be the one for us?

© 2011 Richard E Walrath

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