GAO – General Accounting Office Reports and Testimonies – September 8


1. Nuclear Nonproliferation:  U.S. Agencies Have Limited Ability to Account for, Monitor, and Evaluate the Security of U.S. Nuclear Material Overseas.  GAO-11-920, September 8.

Highlights –

2. Environmental Health: Action Needed to Sustain Agencies’ Collaboration on Pharmaceuticals in Drinking Water.  GAO-11-346, August 8.

Highlights –


1.  Department of Homeland Security: Progress Made and Work Remaining in Implementing Homeland Security Missions 10 Years after 9/11, by Gene L. Dodaro, comptroller general of the United States, before the House Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.  GAO-11-940T, September 8.

Highlights –

2. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families:  Update on Families Served and Work Participation, by Kay E. Brown, director, education, workforce, and income security, before the Subcommittee on Human Resources, House Committee on Ways and Means.  GAO-11-880T, September 8.

Highlights –

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