December 13th – A Day to Remember or a Day to Forget?

By Patricia L Johnson and Richard E Walrath

December 13, 2000 is the day Al Gore conceded defeat to then Texas Governor George W. Bush. That was a bad, sad day–almost as bad and sad as the day the Supreme Court selected Bush as the president, announcing there was not time to do a re-count, the reason being they halted the recount that had been in progress, then waited until they could say that there was not time to do a re-count. The Supreme Court has been a joke ever since.

In a televised speech from his ceremonial office next to the White House Gore said that while he was deeply disappointed and sharply disagreed with the Supreme Court verdict that ended his campaign, ”partisan rancor must now be put aside.”

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“Partisan rancor must now be put aside” – eleven years ago those words were spoken to no avail. Bitterness between parties is at an all-time high in this country and ‘we the people’ are suffering due to the inability of our paid legislators to legislate issues of importance.

Al Gore conceded the presidency to George W. Bush at a period in time when this country was the greatest country on earth.

We had GDP growth of 3.9 percent, median real household income growth of 1.7 percent, private employment growth of 2.7 percent, an employment population ratio of 63.4 percent, an unemployment rate of 5.2 percent, personal savings as percentage of disposal income 4.6 percent, and business investment growth of 10.3 percent. Note: All of the above percentages are annual averages from the period of FY1993 through FY2000.

We went from being the greatest country on earth to being a country that is floundering from day to day. The comparison between the above figures in 2000 compared to what they were at the end of the Republican administration in 2008 is diabolical and with each day that passes we are still suffering at the hands of policies extracted to benefit one segment of society only.

We know the major economic problem in this country is lack of jobs. There isn’t anyone on the right, left or middle that disputes that fact, but what is our Republican controlled House doing these days? Well, we don’t know about today, but their crowning achievement for December 13, 2011, the anniversary of “Partisan rancor must now be put aside”, is H.R. 3630 – To Provide incentives for the creation of jobs, and for other purposes.

The primary goal of this legislation should have been to extend the payroll tax cut for the 160 million workers in this country and if you read down to page 27 of the 369 page bill, you’ll see there is a temporary payroll tax cut extension listed, buried within the incredible number of amendments to various existing laws. This bill is so long and so complex that the table of contents alone takes up five full pages.

What can you expect when you have a bill that sticks its fingers is all the political pie issues, from demanding a permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline, to changing EPA regulations, to providing a two-year extension of 100 percent expensing for depreciation of certain business assets, to changes in unemployment compensation, changes in Medicare, changes in TANF, as well as flood insurance reform, etc., etc.

Instead of processing a short bill that would simply extend the payroll tax cut, the Republican controlled House of Representatives has once again put through a bill attempting to blackmail the poor and middle-class workers in this country. This bill, according to CBO and JCT estimates will add $166.8 billion to the deficit in fiscal year 2012 alone. Extending the payroll tax cut for one year will add $91 billion in FY2012, while an additional $38 billion will be added in 2012 and $18 billion in 2013 for extending 100 percent expensing for depreciation of certain business assets.

The purpose of extending the payroll tax cut for 160 million American workers was to ease the financial burdens placed upon this group of individuals due to the Great Recession. Why should a total of $56 billion dollars be added to our out-of-control deficit for the next two years, so corporations, whose profits are at record highs, get additional tax breaks?

There’s not much to say about this group of legislators other than they’ve been in office one year too long and need to be replaced as quickly as possible so our country can begin to move in the right direction.

© 2011 Patricia L Johnson and Richard E Walrath

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