My Opinion of Bill O’Reilly’s Comments about Whitney Houston

Why are we, as a nation, so quick to judge others?

Bill O’Reilly has once again stuck his foot in his mouth by claiming Whitney Houston killed herself with drugs.

I must have missed something because I did not realize Bill O’Reilly was a certified medical examiner and had the opportunity to investigate Ms. Houston’s death. The fact is, he isn’t a certified medical examiner and since the professionals have not had the opportunity to rule on the cause of Ms. Houston’s death, Mr. O’Reilly should keep his opinions to himself.

Even if it turns out that her death was caused by an overdose of drugs, the drugs that were found in her hotel room are prescription drugs, not street drugs. O’Reilly is making it appear that Ms. Houston intentionally took her own life by abusing drugs, and there is no factual evidence to prove that is the case. Unfortunately, Fox News commentators are known for their history of reporting opinions v. facts.

When I think of Whitney Houston I think of a beautiful lady that was incredibly talented with a voice that will be hard to match.

Whitney Houston, I Will Always Love You – Lyrics

I also think of her 18-year old daughter, and her elderly mother. Whitney Houston has gone to a better place and Bill O’Reilly’s comments can no longer hurt her, but they can cause a tremendous amount of unnecessary grief to the loved ones she left behind.

Making the statement that someone that has abused drugs in the past is trying to commit suicide is ignorant.

If a person with Diabetes eats a piece of cake are they trying to kill themselves? If a person with a heart condition overexerts herself/himself are they trying to kill themselves? If a combat veteran comes back from war and takes drugs and alcohol to help them sleep at night are they trying to kill themselves? If a person diagnosed with a long-term illness refuses treatments are they trying to kill themselves? If a person that’s obese continues to eat fattening foods are they trying to kill themselves? If a person with a lung disease continues to smoke are they trying to kill themselves? If an alcoholic falls off the wagon and has a drink are they trying to kill themselves?

All of us have skeletons in our closet, even Bill O’Reilly. We would be much better off, as a country, if we spent less time criticizing others and more time attempting to provide those in need with the support necessary to overcome their demons.

Whitney Houston had a life that was fraught with some periods of unrest. It’s now time to allow the lady, and her family, to Rest in Peace.

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4 Responses to My Opinion of Bill O’Reilly’s Comments about Whitney Houston

  1. Chuck Barton says:

    I’m a little tired of idolizing hollywood and the people that have been lucky enough to milk it.

    • Administrator says:

      Actually Whitney Houston did accomplish something that has never been accomplished before by another. She is the only person who has ever had seven consecutive No. 1 Billboard Hot Hits. She was also cited by the Guinness World Records book as being the most-awarded female artist of all time, as well as being one of the best-selling music artists. She sold over 170 million albums, singles and videos.

      However, if she was older and the cause of her death was known, I don’t think as much media time would be spent reviewing her life/death.

      Thank you for your comment.

      Pat Johnson

  2. Chuck Barton says:

    Hello Bill;
    I don’t know what took Ms. Houston’s life, but I think the glamorization has been overdone. Mother Theresa wasn’t glorified as much in death and she served the entire world with good. I only hope Reverend Billy Graham and other good people get the same recognition. I look at the celebreties
    commenting and attending her funeral and wonder how many of them are sincere, or just using this moment to gain attention.

    • Administrator says:

      Hello Chuck,

      Apparently I neglected to put my byline on the above article, it wasn’t written by Bill O’Reilly, it was written by me, Patricia L Johnson.

      Someone like Mother Theresa or the Reverend Bill Graham will never get the exposure in death, as that of a U.S. celebrity. One of the reasons is because it would be difficult to find anything derogatory about them and that’s really what feeds the media. People will stay glued to their TV’s to find out if she really died from a drug overdose, an alcohol overdose, a combination of both, or if she drowned due to passing out because of the drugs, or if she died from natural causes. It’s really a shame because there are other things in life the media should look into.

      Thank you for your comment.

      Pat Johnson

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