The Trends on Job Creation

 By Patricia L Johnson

The job losses in this country began in February 2008 with a loss of 84,000 jobs and we continued losing jobs each month for the next 24 months, with February 2010 jobs losses at 35,000.  During that 24 month period of time there was not one single month where any jobs were created due to the Great Recession which began in December of 2007. 

The United States lost a total of 8.8 million jobs in that 24-month period.  The following chart indicates job gains/losses, by month, for the four-year period beginning January 2008 and ending December 2011.

In the 22-month period between February of 2010 and December of 2011, the U.S. added 2.9 million jobs.  Obviously, that’s a far cry from the 8.8 million lost, but we’re headed in the right direction, adding jobs instead of losing them on a daily basis.

The 115,000 jobs created in April of 2012 may seem shabby to some, but the fact is, that was the 19th straight month of job creation in this country and brought the total for 2012 to 534,000 jobs added.

The data indicated in the above charts was taken from the following source:

© 2012 Patricia L Johnson

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