REVIEW – Cabela’s Commercial Grade 11 Pound Vertical Stuffer

Cabela's Vertical StufferBy Michael Lee Johnson

The Stuffer comes in a box weighing 27 pounds and is basically already assembled. The only items that are not already attached are the handle, which is easily installed simply by attaching to one of the two nuts on the side of the stuffer and the stuffing tubes. The stuffing tubes come in the following sizes 10mm, 20mm, 30mm and 40mm and are easily installed by taking a nut off and putting it back on.

The handle has both a slow and a fast speed depending upon which of the two nuts you connect it to. The faster speed is great for use with the plunger, while the slower speed is good for stuffing.

Basically everything you need to make sausage is included the box other than whatever type of meat you are planning to use and whatever means of storage you use.

I decided I would make Italian Sausage and to that end I purchased a Cabela’s kit for making 25# of sausage. The kit included all the spices, plus casings.

In addition, I purchased the following additional items, distilled water – the kit called for using distilled water, a package of Cabela’s ground meat freezer bags, a pair of hog casing pliers for closing the bags/casings with hog rings, a box of hog rings, a box of disposable gloves and most important a can of food grade silicone spray.

We set aside the amount of pork required and went to town. We made two and ½ batches of sausage to process the 25# of meat, and it was really a very simple process.

We put the pork in a bowl, added the proper amount of seasoning mix and distilled water, then mixed by hand for several minutes until thoroughly mixed.

Before placing the mixture in the stuffer make sure you spray all internal parts of the stuffer with the silicone spray in order to make it easier to work with whatever type of meat you are using.

Once you get the meat in the stuffer (which holds approximately 11 pounds of meat at one time), you simply install the stuffing tube of choice and turn the handle.

In addition to casings, we also used Cabela’s ground meat freezer bags and the entire process was a piece of cake. You simply turn the handle and the bag which probably holds two pounds of meat fills up in a flash, then you simply twist the top of the bag and securely close the bag with the hog casing pliers, which are also extremely easy to use.

There were three of us working on this project, my wife, our neighbor and myself and in far less than two hours we had all the sausage made, put away and everything cleaned and put away.

Cleanup was also a piece of cake. All moving parts are removable and can be cleaned in a flash.

If someone is interested in making any type of sausage this product is superior due to ease of use and is highly recommended by me.

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