Are Monkey’s Capable of down Right Lies?

By Patricia L Johnson

Thursday afternoon during the Congressional hearings on computer glitches in the ACA, Representative Frank Pallone [D-NJ] told Representative Joe Barton [R-TX] the hearing was a “monkey court” after Representative Barton made the totally absurd statement the ACA website was not HIPPA compliant due to hidden language in the source code.

I’m truly impressed that Representative Barton is able to read computer code which does not show up on a web page; but it sure would be nice if he was actually able to read the English language too! The purpose of source code is to tell a browser how to display a website. If the information is ‘hidden’ within a source code, it’s pretty meaningless, but more importantly it is not legally enforceable. So Barton’s claim is just another in the never-ending series of lies and fear mongering coming out of the Republican Party to discourage folks from signing up for ACA.

What is legally enforceable is the following statement located on the ACA Application for Health Coverage & Help Paying Costs:

“We ask about income and other information to let you know what coverage you qualify for and if you can get any help paying for it. We’ll keep all the information you provide private and secure, as required by law. To view the Privacy Act Statement, go to or see instructions.”

If you have experienced problems completing an online application for Health Coverage you may print a paper application at the following URL’s:

Short form – for single individuals without dependents who cannot be claimed as a dependent on someone else’s return and if employed, are not offered healthcare coverage from their employer.

Long form – training materials and quick-start guide

Once you have completed your application please mail to the following address (ensuring sufficient postage):




LONDON, KY 40750-0001

The application for Health Coverage is actually two-fold because it is also the means of determining whether or not you qualify for a free or low-cost program. A family of four can earn as much as $94,000 and still qualify for lower cost or free coverage.

Please note that completing an application does not lock you into any type of health coverage, it is merely the first step in determining what coverage you qualify for.

When you are filling out the income portion of your application, please take into consideration the fact that if you are self-employed you may deduct the following expenses in order to come up with net self-employment income:

• Car and truck expenses (for travel during the workday, not commuting)

• Employee wages and fringe benefits

• Interest (including mortgage interest paid to banks, etc.)

• Rent or lease of business property and utilities

• Advertising

• Repairs and maintenance

• Deductible self-employment taxes

• Contributions to a self-employed SEP, SIMPLE, or qualified retirement plan

• Property, liability, or business interruption insurance

• Depreciation

• Legal and professional services

• Commissions, taxes, licenses, and fees

• Contract labor

• Certain business travel and meals

• Cost of self-employed health insurance

Good luck with your application!

© 2013 Patricia L Johnson

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