To Paraphrase VP Joe Biden, the Keystone Pipeline Ain’t No “BFD!”

By Richard E Walrath and Patricia L Johnson

The Honorable Stephanie F. Stacy, Judge of the District Court, 3rd District, Lancaster County, Nebraska ruled on February 19, 2014 that the 2012 law allowing Governor Dave Heineman to approve the revised Keystone XL pipeline route on January 22, 2013 violated the state constitution, so it appears there will be at least a temporary delay on this pipeline, but what difference does it make whether or not it’s built?

Apparently Judge Stacy ignored Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) statement that ‘it’s time to build it’ when he was discussing the Keystone Pipeline on February 4, 2014.

Is it possible Speaker Boehner doesn’t realize we already have one pipeline built and operating from Hardisty Canada to Nederland Texas?  Click on the following link to view TransCanada  map which may be downloaded. Not only is it built and operational, it has already experienced a few oil spills.

Why is Speaker Boehner so hot to trot on this pipeline? Could it be Boehner is simply looking for ROI? In 2009 John Boehner invested between $15,000 and $50,000 in each of several companies that stand to benefit from the Keystone project. Details on these transactions and links to public disclosure forms for the year (s) in question may be found at the following link:

Somehow, what comes to mind when we think about the pipeline is the Ancient Mariner, out there at sea in a boat with ‘water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink. The State of California has one of the world’s largest economies with a population of 38 million and they’re running out of water. What kind of people run out of water when it’s all around them?

It has gotten so bad in California that a desalination plant is in the works in San Diego County. A billion dollars is being spent to build this desalination plant to extract fresh water from the salt water in the world’s largest ocean sitting close-by and yet when it’s all complete it will only supply 7-10% of the water needs of the residents of San Diego County.

Just recently, scientists have achieved success in a fusion experiment – getting more energy out of the water than the amount of energy used in the process.

Water, the commodity that occupies 70% of Planet Earth is our key to energy. Energy and water are related and inter-dependent. At the rate we are going, we will soon exhaust our supply of water. California is very close to that point now. There is no substitute for it. So, what are we doing about our energy and water problems?

It appears the only thing we’re worried about is building a second pipeline to transport crude oil from Hardisty Canada to Nederland Texas.

We have been running out of water now for well over a half-century, and we just won’t and don’t do anything constructive about it.

What is it people are going to use instead of water when there is no water?

When there is no more crude oil we have other sources of energy, but what is it that we’re going to do when we run out water?

Boehner and other investors are going to make a lot of money on the Keystone Pipeline Project. Maybe it’s time for us to quit worrying about making our legislators wealthier and start worrying about the future of our most precious commodity.

© 2014 Richard E Walrath and Patricia L Johnson

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4 Responses to To Paraphrase VP Joe Biden, the Keystone Pipeline Ain’t No “BFD!”

  1. Yes, I understand. But TransCanada would grant permission, don’t you think? Eh?

    • Patricia L Johnson says:

      Well, that is sort of an interesting question. Normally I would say yes, it’s just a matter of contacting them and obtaining permission. However, TransCanada already gave permission for the file to be downloaded, which basically means you can download it on your own personal computer for your personal use. The fact there has been so much controversy on this one subject makes me think they might prefer not to have the map on the front page of every Tom, Dick and Harry’s blog/website. But, I don’t know and really can’t say without contacting them directly.

      Here’s the deal – as co-author of this fine piece of work, YOU could certainly contact them directly and get all your questions answered, because I don’t have time nor the desire.
      I figure if anyone wants to view the map they can click on the link to the map and voila’ – there it is. Somehow or another that doesn’t strike me an extraordinary amount of work for the reader 🙂

      Have a good day!

  2. Looks Great! But it needs a map!

    • Administrator says:

      It has a link to a map doesn’t it?

      The map is not in the public domain, it belongs to TransCanada; therefore it cannot be published by us without their permission.

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