TIDBITS – August 1, 2014

TIDBITS in the News – By Patricia L Johnson

• Circuit Court Judge, Terry Lewis [Leon County Florida] has ordered the state legislature to redraw congressional lines by August 15, 2014. The problem in the state is the 5th and 10th districts (Jacksonville and Orlando). This change may provide the Democrats with a new opening for picking up a House seat if it’s implemented prior to the midterm election.

• The $16.3 billion dollar Veterans Affairs bill is being sent to the President for his signature today. If the bill is signed into law it may mean a lot of changes in Veteran healthcare. A few are listed below:

1. Allow Veterans to access healthcare outside VA in certain instances.

2. Increase number of VA Health providers.

3. Provide VA with the authority to fire and or demote agency officials.

• We have yet another month of job creation that exceeded 200,000. Non-farm payroll employment for July 2014 rose 209,000.

• Question for the Day

• Why is there so much passion in this country about birth control and abortions, yet you hear virtually nothing when it comes to the fact the United States assists Israel with weapons? Right now there is a bill in Congress to approve an additional $225 million for Israel’s Iron Dome missile system. Some folks in this country go into hysterics because we are supplying certain groups of folks with birth control and/or providing abortions to those youngsters that may have made a mistake and have no way of caring for themselves, much less an unwanted child; yet we don’t shed a tear when we supply Israel with the means to attack living women and children in another country.


• Have we all forgotten that a fetus cannot live on its own, unless it’s so many months old, but a young child can if it’s not blown into smithereens by an enemy rocket?

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