WHO: Ebola Response Roadmap Situation Report 1 October 2014


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12 Responses to WHO: Ebola Response Roadmap Situation Report 1 October 2014

  1. How many troops, so far, have been sent to Africa to fight Ebola? How many are actually there
    now? WE hear such and such a number are being sent, or will be sent, but how many HAVE
    been sent and are there now?

    • That’s an excellent question and I’m sorry to say I simply don’t know the answer. The last figure I read was 750 (meaning 750 are there now), but I can’t remember where I read it so I’m not able to locate again. Originally we were going to send 3,000, but that total was upped to 4,000 only I don’t think there is a definite timetable set up for when they will get there. Seems to me one of the problems we run into is we have to have facilities in place to care for our troops should they contract the disease, and those facilities aren’t going to get built, until we build them. So, my guess is, it may be a long-drawn-out deployment.

      The other problem is we already have troops in Africa doing something else so it’s difficult to discern which are there for Ebola and which are there for their regular duties.


  2. The plan seems to be to keep sending medical contingents to Africa to contain Ebola outbreaks on the scene. Cases that show up in the United States are sent to different hospitals. The idea
    seems to be to train as many medical centers as possible while holding down the number of deaths from Ebola in Africa.

    • Looks like they have a major problem in Africa. Workers in Sierra Leone walked off the job refusing to bury the bodies and leaving them out in the streets. Apparently they are now back at work, but the entire situation is frightening. We just sent 4,000* troops over there and the U.K. has 750 either on the way, or just arrived to help out as the situation is so out of control. This one just caught everyone off guard and has spread like a wildfire.

      *Correction – The U.S. plan is to eventually have 4,000 troops in country.

      • What is the rest of the world doing about Ebola? Are they all immune to it?

        • Maybe they’re smarter than we are – when the cruise ship wanted to stop in Belize and again in Mexico so blood could be drawn from the person aboard to determine whether or not she had Ebola, both the port in Belize and Mexico would not allow the ship to dock.

          Obviously more work needs to be done on how someone transmits the disease, because everyone that came into contact with the first patient when he was showing symptoms of high fever, etc., have come out clean. The two nurses are the only ones so far that came into contact with Duncan that subsequently became infected.

          Aside from the one case in Spain, and the 3 cases in U.S. (1 dead) all contamination is limited to Africa.


          • I can’t make sense out of most of the news I hear or read anymore. Obvious questions are left unanswered, Whoever writes the articles may not know or have the answers, but don’t obvious
            questions deserve, at least, some comments?

          • If you contract Ebola, and live, you are immune to Ebola. Further, people who have Ebola can
            benefit from blood transfusions from someone who has had Ebola and lived. Yet, I hear and
            read nothing about people with Ebola receiving blood transfusions from those who have had it.

            • Yes, the very first Doctor that was brought back over here to be cured has given blood to three different patients. In fact,t he only patient he didn’t give blood to was Duncan because their blood types were not compatible. Not sure why that isn’t being reported.

              Here are the three people that Dr. Brantly gave blood to: Dr. Kent Brantly is the first patient that was brought to the U.S. for treatment, if I recall correctly and he was treated with ZMapp which cured him. He then gave blood to the following:

              Dr. Rick Sacra – got virus in Liberia
              Ashoka Mukpo – camera operator infected in West Africa
              Nina Pham – Nurse from Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital

          • I don’t understand why Republicans are so worried about Ebola–the only way you can catch Ebol;a is if you are trying to help somebody.

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