When You Vote Tuesday Are You Voting For The Right Reason?

By Patricia L Johnson

The future of this country will be in the hands of the voters on Tuesday, November 4, 2014 and the question that each and every one of us must ask ourselves is

1. Are we voting for the right reason?

2. Are we voting for the right person?

3. Are we voting for an individual or against the person they are running against?

4. How much do we actually know about the candidate we are voting for?

5. How much research have you personally done on your candidate?

6. Do you watch one TV news channel continually or do you switch from one channel to another so that you are able to receive a variety of views on a particular story?

7. When you hear something about a politician that seems too difficult to believe, do you check into the accusation or do you just assume it’s true because most politicians are corrupt?

8. Are you voting for a candidate based on their past voting history or are you voting for a candidate based on how they say they will vote in the future?

9. Are you voting for a candidate based on his/her views on issues facing the majority of Americans?

10. How often do you read the various ‘fact checking’ websites?

If you haven’t already checked out some of the material on the following sites, you may want to take a look around before you go to the polls on Tuesday.

PolitFact.com has a section on their site called Pundit Fact that rates statements made on the air by the various news personalities and their pundit guests. These ratings do not include statements made on the air by politicians or paid spokespeople, as these are rated separately.

Just to provide you with an example of how poorly the news is being reported by some of the TV stations following is the rating for Fox News. I’m using Fox News because it has, by far, the worst rating of any of the TV stations as follows:

Of the total of 110 statements made that were fact checked:

  • 10 percent were true
  • 11 percent were mostly true
  • 18 percent were half true
  • 19 percent were mostly false
  • 32 percent were false
  •  9 percent were considered “Pants on Fire”, meaning there wasn’t a smidgen of truth in the allegation.

In other words nearly 70 percent of the statements made by Fox News are mostly false while only 30 percent contain some semblance of truth, based on fact checking completed by Pundit Fact.com

While Fox News is the worse, the other major TV stations aren’t perfect either. They all make mistakes, and in some instances intentionally twist the facts due to bias, prejudices and/or political leanings.

As voters, it is up to us to do our own fact-checking and guarantee we are voting for the right person, based on the right reasons, not hearsay, or baseless claims of wrong-doing.

Don’t forget to vote!


© 2014 Patricia L Johnson

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