Whatever Happened to “Peace on Earth, Good Will To Men” :)

Sessions: House Passes Government Funding Bill | House Committee on Rules.


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2 Responses to Whatever Happened to “Peace on Earth, Good Will To Men” :)

  1. You know what’s really unfortunate? Of the $559.2 billion, $495.5 billion is for base funding and $63.7 billion is for war funding. Do you remember back to the days when Larry Summers was Bush’s economic advisor and was fired for daring to suggest the war in Iraq would cost over $100 billion in total? Here we are more than a decade later with no end in site, and there never will be an end to this war in our lifetime, and we’re allocating $63.7 billion for one year. What totally boggles my mind is the amount of money included in our defense budget for defense for Israel. Everything around us in this country is going to pot, and it appears our legislators are too busy lining their pockets to pay any attention to anything else.

    I don’t even want to begin to comment on Dick Cheney and his opinion on torture, because there aren’t enough despicable things I could say on the subject.

  2. richrd walrath says:

    Did anyone notice that $560 Billion of the $1.1 trillion is for defense? That’s over half! Meanwhile,
    Dick Cheney, who never spent even a night in a pup tent, defends the CYA. Senator John McCain,
    who spent six years as a POW in Vietnam, could tell him a thing or two about torture.

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